About us

Asspig, Nippleplay, UniformPig, 4SkinPig and RuffPup are linked communities of men who share some very distinct common interests. The sites grew out of an early effort on my part to find out if there was anyone else like me in the world. Initially I was just interested in knowing if other men were as turned on by sensitive nipples on chesty men as I was. With over 20,000 members it's pretty clear none of us are alone with an internet connection. .

Not too long after starting Nippleplay and finding that I wasn't alone I had the opportunity to attend my first IML. In Chicago I discovered that not only are we not alone but there are times and places where we can fit in and belong. That feeling changed everything for me and what I wanted to accomplish for the sites. It's wonderful that members in places like San Francisco and New York can hook up with each other. For many of us, hooking up would be great but because of where we're located just being able to communicate with men who know what we're talking about is a rare treat.

Nothing ever turns out the way we expect and that has certainly been true with my experience on these sites. I've always been into tit play and fisting in part because these can be safe with simple precautions. The bareback phenomenon has been a complete surprise to me. I'm personally much more interested in very intimate one-on-one connections (another reason I find fisting so attractive) and I've never gotten into hit and run encounters with online buddies myself. From what I can tell, the men on the sites are a very diverse group. We're all here for different reasons.

Many things have changed since the sites began. On the sites the changes are pretty obvious. The world we live in has changed at least as much. The social and political climate may eventually make it impossible to continue the sites at some point. When the only HIV prevention message is abstinence and states around the coutry rush to pass legislation to defend marriage imagine what they would make of us.

I still think of this as a hobby gone wrong and I know that's frustrating for many members. Websites run as a business generally work much better than you can expect to find here. The trade off is that you don't have to pay to belong, the men on the sites are real and really into the same thing you're into.