FAQ - Certified Pig

I don't want my hookups listed on my Profile

You don't have to. You can either ignore these or reject them. nothing will show up on your profile unless you click the Accept button.

What do I do when I get certified?

A message notifying you of the certification will be sent to you as soon as your certified. To activate or remove the certification click on My Lists from the top menu bar and then Who Certified Me from the drop down list.  When the Certifications page opens, click the Pending tab at the top and activate, reject or ignore certifications as you prefer.

To accept and post the certification to your profile click ACCEPT. If you haven't ever hooked up with the certifying member or you don't want to post this information to your profile click Reject and then click Delete to remove it from your profile.

How do I certify a pig

First, and most importantly, hook up with the member. Once you've met a member and found him to be as advertised and someone you'd recommend as a good time to a buddy go back to his profile and click the circle with three dots under his profile picture, then click CERTIFY MEMBER from the list that wil appear. A window will open and you can add a comment about your certification then click OK and the deed is done.  Once your certification is approved by the member you've certified, it will be added to his public certifications.

What is a Certifed Pig?

The certified pig feature was added to help members have successful hookups. There have been complaints about some members being less than honest about themselves or not the sort of men you'd normally invite into your home. The vast majority of members are genuinely good guys just looking for a good time. If you've hooked up with a member, had a good time and would feel comfortable recommending him to a good friend, here's your chance. This is ONLY an option for members you've actually hooked up with. We give every member on the site full access to every tool you need to let another member know you want to hookup. Don't advertise to every member that you're a loser by using this feature to tell a member you'd like to hookup.

Need help?

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