FAQ - Clubs - Joining / Managing

What are Clubs?

The clubs function was added to give members an opportunity to meet other members and folks with similar interests off of the site.

Where do I find Clubs Listed?

You can find a list of active clubs under Community drop down menu at the top of the site. Click Commuity / Clubs / Discover to see a list of all the active clubs.

How do I join a Club?

Go to Community / Clubs / Discover Click on the club you want to join Click the Join button beside the club you want to join. Membership is not automatic. The club owner will need to accept your membership in order for you to join. The purpose of the clubs is to bring members together in person. If your profile indicates you live in a distant place, your profile doesn't clearly show you have an interest in the fetish of the club or reads as offensive, you may not be accepted in the club. You're a member of any club, at the club owners' discretion. If there are problems, the club owner has the right to remove you from the club and bar you from attending club events.

How do I start a club?

First, you need to be organizing and holding regular events before you start a club. If you want to start a group event, post it to the forum and see if there's interest and if you enjoy the effort. Being responsible for even a small group of guys have good sling time is a thankless job and guarantees you're probably not going to get any/much sling time out of the event yourself. It's not something everyone enjoys. You need to be sure you do before you start a club.

I have a group and I'm ready to start a club.

Go to Community / Clubs Click the + Create Club button at the top Right corner of the screen. Enter the name for your club. Provide a description for your club. The description is very important. We and prospective members need to know what they are joining. When and what type of meeting opportunities does your club offer -- social meetings, play parties? How often do you meet, is the meeting limited to a number of attendees? Clubs have to be open to any member in the area. If you're club is just for tops, bears or members under 40, it's not a club by our definition and won't be accepted. Choose public or private -- Public will allow browsing members to see who your members are, the message board on your club and the events page. Private will only let browsing members see your club description and location. Auto-Approve On, automatically adds any member who clicks Join to your club. Auto-Approve Off will leave new joins pending until and unless you approve them. Off is recommended for most clubs. Members will join whether they will ever attend a meeting or not. If the joining member isn't anywhere near or the profile is unclear they have an interest in the activity you're promoting, you can message the member directly first to clarify. Remember that any member in your area with an interest, who hasn't previously been a problem at your event has to be approved. If we learn that you're filtering on another measure, your club can be closed.

How do I remove my profile from a club?

Go to Community / Clubs Click the Leave button beside the club you want to remove your profile from

Managing - How do I approve members?

Go to Community / Clubs Click your club. Click the Members tab (You'll see a number in red if there are pending joins) Click the Approve or Reject beside every member pending.

Managing - How do I promote my event?

Go to Community / Clubs Click on your club Click the + Add Event button on the Right side of the screen. Complete the event page with as much detail as you can. Check the Invite All Members button at the bottom of the form and all of your members will be notified about your upcoming event.

Managing - I need to edit an upcoming Event

Go to Community / Clubs Click the Events tab Click on the upcoming event you want to edit Click the Edit button, make your changes and Save There isn't a notify option from this screen. If you need to message your mmbers, you'll need to go to the Members tab / Active Members and click Message Members to send a direct message to your active members.

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