FAQ - Mailbox Questions

Email problems for AOL members

Asspig, nippleplay and cuirpig all use the same email system and some AOL members have reported problems with each site.

I don't receive email notifications of messages on the site No. You dont because AOL blocks them. The messages still go out and most members still receive them. AOL apparently doesn't respect your rights or abilities to filter your own mail so they've done it for you. If you have to use AOL, get a free email account at Yahoo! or another source for your messages.

I can't open my mailbox Some versions of AOL time out before the mail screen can open. You can resolve the problem completely in most cases by using Internet Explorer. If that's not an option for you, the alternative is to access your mailbox by clicking on the Send Mail link from any member's profile and then from the message screen click on the Inbox link.

How do I stop emails from the site?

Click your screen name on the top menu bar and choose Account Settings from the drop down list.

Click Change Settigns for the Notification Settings line.

Click to Disable any of the notifications you don't want to receive.


How do I know when my sent messages have been read?

You get a reply. We don't report when or if messages are read. Your recipients are entitled to privacy and will reply if and when interested.

I'm not receiving message notifications from the site

First, make sure that message notifications are being sent: Click your screen name from the top menu bar. Choose Account Settings from the drop down list. Click Notifications Settings are enabled for all the message types you want to receive. Fixes for the most common issues are listed below. How to include Asspig.com, Nippleplay.com, PumpPig.com, 4skinPig.com, UniformPig.com or sharylandinternet.net email address in your whitelist. You want to add Support@.com Sometimes email providers have strict junk filters, flagging the wrong messages and putting them in SPAM folders. To ensure that email from us reaches your inbox (i.e. not deleted or moved to your junk mail folder), add our email address to your accepted senders list by following the instructions below. Just check out how to add us to your "whitelist" and ensure that you don't miss a single message. Your email program / How to add us to your... AOL 9.0 / "People I know" List Earthlink / Address Book Gmail / Contacts Hotmail / Safe List MSN version 9 / Safe List Outlook 2003 / Address Book Verizon / Safe List Yahoo! / Add to your address book. If you find it in the Bulk Mail folder, click on the link "This is not Spam." After that it will come to your Inbox. Other spam filters / Whitelist

How many messages can I send

We no longer count messages sent.  If you're a free member you can start up to 15 conversations a day.  That translates to 15 new messages you can send in any 24 hour period.  You can message back and forth as nuch as you need with the members who reply to you or members you reply to.

To get the most out of this try reading the profile you're messaging and send a message tailored to the interests of the member you're messaging.  That's more likely to start a conversation.  You're welcome to send 15 messages of "Hi" if you like, but don't expect that to get you anything.

Members who have purchased a membership upgrade are not limited in the number of conversations they can start.

Where are my messages?

You can access messages by clicking Conversations on the top menu bar or on the Left side of the Home screen under your profile picture.

Why can’t I send pictures to another member?

There are a couple of factors that can prevent you from sending pictures. ** Have you confirmed your email account? You can’t send messages or pictures until you’re email address is confirmed. If you didn’t get the confirmation email check your spam folder. ** Did you just join? New members can’t send messages for the first few hours after joining until we’ve reviewed and confirmed the account. ** Are you a free member? If you’re a free member you can send pictures to members with an upgraded membership (look for the gold star on their profile). Members with an upgrade can send and receive from anyone. Free members can send and receive only from members with an upgrade. ** How big is the picture you’re trying to send? The larger the file size, the longer it will take to upload your picture and it’s possible for the largest files that the upload can time out before your file has been uploaded.

Need help?

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