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Member Security

This site was designed to act as a community where like minded men from all over could come together. For many members that is how the site is perceived and used. Unfortunately one of the disadvantages of a large community is that not everyone is here for the same reason you're here for. There have been reports of members being taken advantage of by other members invited into their homes after meeting here. There have also been reports of new members attempting to launch scams on the site among members. For many of us, this is the only place we can come to find men like ourselves. It's a remarkable thing to meet someone who shares the same interests. When the opportunity arises for you to hookup with a pig you met here don't suspend all of the precautions you would normally exercise when meeting someone at a bar, the gym or on the street. Beyond the possiblity of financial loss, remember that many of us are into activities that can be dangerous with a partner who's inexperienced or in an altered state. You're looking for an amazing experience, take a few minutes to be sure you're both on the same page. While you're at it make sure everyone understands and can abide by the same rules.

Don't share your email address with strangers

We spend more time and energy monitoring and removing scam profiles than any other task related to operating the sites. Nevertheless, scammers do post profiles and sometimes they can send messages. Many scammers will contact you and ask for a reply to their email address in the initial message. Don't do it. You have access to email, chat and IM here even if you're a free member. Until you're comfortable that the member you've been contacted by is a real person and who he says he is keep your contact limited to this site to protect your privacy. To help you determine whether the member you're interacting with is genuine we provide the following resources for you: Check the member's profile and see how long he's been a member. If he joined today that may be an indication of problems. If you're an upgraded member check his profile to see where he's logged in from. This isn't 100 percent all the time, but if he says he's from Columbus OH and his profile shows he was logged in last from Manila Philippines click the Report User link and we'll make a determination. Read his profile - If he says he's 6' 1" and weights 80 pounds with a 40" waist something is wrong. Look for Pig Certifications at the bottom of his profile. If he's been with guys you know or guys like you and they liked, you may as well. Share your Flakes list with your friends on the site and get them to share theirs with you. Add members to your Flakes list when you have a bad experience and check your friends' lists to see if they've had problems with this member in the past.

Don't send money

Times are hard for a lot of people, but this should be obvious. Unless you know the member personally outside of this community and know that there is a genuine need, don't send money. If you're asked to send money by a member on this site, use the Report User link to let us know. Maybe the member really is in trouble and needs help, but normally the same plea is going out to 15 other members (the maximum number of messages a free member can send) Help us to stop the scam, just report the user.

Looking to get fucked up will get you fucked over

If you're on the site looking to get jacked up, or you're only into this stuff when your fucked up, your membership will be canceled soon enough. If you manage to hook up before we cancel your membership, don't be surprised if you have problems. It's Darwininan. You've just told any predator on the site that you're prey. Maybe you'll get fucked tonight, but in the morning your wallet and drugs will be gone.

Need help?

If you still can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at for help and support.
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