FAQ - New Member Questions

I just joined but haven't gotten the confirmation email.

First, check your spam folder. For reasons we don't understand, new mail from AssPig.com ends up in the spam folder a lot. You can correct this by adding support@asspig.com or whichever site you joined to your email contacts. If the message isn't in your spam folder, log into your account here and confirm that you entered the email address is correct. If both of the above have been done, make sure that you've added the support@whichever site you joined.com to your email contacts, then log on and resend the message. We can't make your email service accept and deliver messages to you. We can confirm that the message has gone out. You'll need to contact your email service for any troubleshooting beyond that.

I just joined but can't message members.

New member profiles can't send messages until we've reviewed the profile. The process is normally complete within three hours of joining. If it's been longer check the email you used to register the account. If your profile isn't complete you won't have full access until you've completed your profile.

Need help?

If you still can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at for help and support.
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