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I joined nipleplay. I don't want to be on asspig

View your Profile. Click the Manage Visible Communities link and make sure that Asspig.com isn't checked. As long as you don't have the Asspig box checked your profile, your pictures, nothing about you will be on asspig unless you log onto asspig.

I joined nippleplay and don't want to be on asspig but I logged onto asspig and see my profile there

Dumbass, when you close the refrigerator the lights goes off and if you log onto asspig your profile will be listed. View your Profile. Click the Manage Visible Communities link. If the asspig box in Manage Visible Communities isn't checked you won't be listed on asspig. If it's checked, uncheck it. If you're logged on you're going to be listed.

I joined nippleplay but I'm getting emails from asspig

Nippleplay and asspig share a common database. Some emails will come to you with both nippleplay and asspig in the subject line and you may get system generated messages from asspig.com. It doesn't mean you're on asspig.

Just because you're only on nippleplay doesn't mean that the members you communicate with are just on nippleplay. If you send a tug or message to another member you see listed on nippleplay he may see and respond to that while he's logged onto asspig. The result will be an email from asspig. It doesn't mean that you're on asspig.

I joined nipplaplay and I don't even want to see the word asspig

The world is full of intolerant people and places. If your fetish is so orthodox that you can't tolerate being around people who experience fetish in ways that may be significantly different to you this isn't the community for you. Please save me the time and energy I'll eventually have to waste when I suspend your membership and have to aplogize to the members you'll offend by Viewing your profile and clicking on the Delete Profile button now.

Nippleplay is a tiny niche site and couldn't exist without asspig and you should understand that asspigs have tits too. If you see them on nippleplay it's because they have an interest and as much right to be there as you.

I deleted my profile on Asspig and now I can't log onto Nippleplay

You only ever had one profile. If you deleted it, it's gone. If you want to be part of any community, you need to create a new profile.

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