FAQ - Travel Schedule Questions

How do I Add/Edit Travel Dates to my profile?

Add and edit your dates from the Traveling Near Me screen. At the top of the screen there are two buttons and a drop down box. The first button, a calendar with a plus, will allow you to add your travel. The second button, a calendar, will let you edit or delete travel you've already posted and the drop down list gives you a sorting preference.

How does posting my Travel Dates help?

Most members are concerned with having dates posted to their profiles. That's the least helpful part of the feature. If you live in Cleveland and you want to post your trip to Miami on your profile, most of the people who see it will be in Ohio. The value of the Travel Dates listing is in the Traveling Near Me listing on the Online Now screen. It helps you connect with out-of-town-talent coming to your area that you wouldn't be able to connect to otherwise. This is a small, fetish focised online community. Most members don't live in an area with a lot of local options. If you're a member who finds that there aren't many members in your area, you should be checking the Traveling Near Me listing every time you log onto the site. It's likely to much more productive than the Online Now listing.

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