FAQ - Why?

Why isn't my profile visible?

Your profile will be visible on the communities you've opted to participate on automatically unless your profile is incomplete or you've opted to hide your profile.

To make sure your profile is listed on the site: Click the Online Now link and your profile should be the first one on the list. If it's not several factors could be the cause. You can check almost all of them by: Viewing your profile - click your screen name from the top menu bar. Click Edit Profile and the click the  Communities tab at the top of the screen and make sure the checkbox beside the site you want to be on (and particularly the site you are logged on) is checked. Note that if your profile doesn't have anything to do with nipples you will be removed from nippleplay. Nippleplay members don't log on to see greased gaping holes.

Click on your screen name on the top menu bar again and choose Profile Privacy. Make sure you haven't checked a box to hide your profile. 

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