FAQ - Why was my Profile Closed?

Credit Card Fraud

Free members are always welcome and no one is ever required to purchase an upgrae.  Nevertheless, you purchased a membership upgrade and then your payment was reported as credit card fraud.  We try to make payments as easy as possible.  You won't see AssPig or NipplePlay on your credit card statement.  We tell you on the site, the charge will be from Sharyland.  We send you a receipt from Sharyland and we put a confirmation message in your mailbox on the site confirming the charge and reminding you of the charge from Sharyland.  This is an adult hookup site, not a daycare.  We can't pin a note on your sleeve for your mother.

Accidents happen.  If the charge is reported as fraud, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to correct the record with your credit card issuer.  If you fail to do that, your purchase is refunded, the site is charged a $25 penalty for the fraudulent charge and our cost of processing credit cards increases.  As a result, we NEVER want another credit card number from you and you will NEVER be allowed to join the site again.

What can you do about it?  Leave us and the site alone so that we can focus on the members who matter.

Drug Focused Profiles are closed.

Our goal is to connect members with the greatest overlap in interests.  We don't judge.  Yes, there are questions on your profile about PNP.  If you can't post a profile without making sure readers know exactly what drugs and how you like them administered, your account has been closed.  If you send unsolicted messages to members referencing drugs and those messages are reported, your account has been closed.

Fake or stolen pictures were posted.

Only pictures with you in them can be posted to your profile.  Illustrations, copyrighted images, animations and pictures clearly not you will result in membership suspension.

Offensive / threatening behavior.

Complaints about your profile or messages to members have been made. We confirmed the behavior and your account has been closed.

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