FAQ - Why was my Profile Closed?

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud will always result in permanent membership suspension. There are no exceptions. We can no longer challenge disputes because it doesn’t make sense to post a $500 bond over your disputed $7.00 charge.

A small number of paying members make these sites possible for everyone. We’re very grateful for their support. Unfortunately as an adult website accepting online payments we are on a very short leash with our credit card processors. A small number of chargebacks, no matter how accidental will result in the loss of our ability to continue operating the site for you. Details about your purchase are provided on the screen that you enter your purchase details on, receipts follow from the site and the payment gateway. If you still can’t remember and don’t recognize the charge we can’t afford to have you as a member.

What can you do about it? You’re not welcome here anymore and you won’t be allowed to rejoin, but wherever you go instead is under the same constraints as us. If you choose to purchase an upgrade, PAY FOR IT.

Drug Focused Profiles are closed.

Our goal is to connect members with the greatest overlap in interests.  We don't judge.  Yes, there are questions on your profile about PNP.  If you can't post a profile without making sure readers know exactly what drugs and how you like them administered, your account has been closed.  If you send unsolicted messages to members referencing drugs and those messages are reported, your account has been closed.

Fake or stolen pictures were posted.

Only pictures with you in them can be posted to your profile.  Illustrations, copyrighted images, animations and pictures clearly not you will result in membership suspension.

Offensive / threatening behavior.

Complaints about your profile or messages to members have been made. We confirmed the behavior and your account has been closed.

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